Custody services

Custody services

As a custodian bank, we hold, manage and safeguard our clients' securities and other assets on their behalf. Our core custody services include:

  • registering the rights and obligations associated with the holding of securities
  • acting as a nominee holder of our clients' securities
  • opening and maintaining a safe and fully segregated custody account
  • providing information on our clients' securities
  • collecting dividends and interest.

Tariffs of custodial services provided by ARMSWISSBANK CJSC to owners of foreign registered securities (in Armenian)

Tariffs for custodial services provided to owners (nominees) of securities issued by RA resident companies (in Armenian)

Rules on custody operations (in Armenian)

Custody services contract sample (in Armenian)

Application form for depo accounts (in Russian)

Depo account contract sample (in Russian)

Custody terms (in Russian)

Custody rules (in Russian)

Brokerage of services provided by “Central Depository of Armenia”

ARMSWISSBANK was granted the status of Account Operator and a member of Securities registry maintenance and settlement System by the ”Central Depository of Armenia”, which allows the bank to intermediate services provided by the ”Central Depository of Armenia”.

Tariffs on securities registry maintenance and custodian services (in Armenian)

Rules for securities custodian services done by the Depositary through mediation of the Bank (in Armenian)